NEUMA was created to give people the opportunity to experience performance without sacrificing their hair, health or the planet. Decades of expertise were put to work creating a groundbreaking hair care system that delivers all of the performance people expect from legacy brands, but with none of the sacrifice. NEUMA believes forcing you to choose between your style and your health is no choice at all. Performance without sacrifice is NEUMA’s stake in the ground.

NEUMA was created to provide indulgent hair and body care products without sacrificing skin, health or the planet. NEUMA products deeply nourish all skin types using plant-based ingredients and essential oils. Each formula contains more than a dozen skin-nourishing extracts that provide skin with much-needed hydration while fighting the effects of external environmental pollutants.

NEUMA guarantees instant results, quality ingredients, limitless style, healthier hair and scalp, superior blonde care, formulated for all hair types. All NEUMA products are Made in the USA for you without sacrifice: synthetic fragrance-free, renewable, plant-based ingredients, PETA-certified vegan & cruelty free, 100% wind-power offset, 95% PCR recycled and recyclable packaging.

NEUMA’s commitment is to provide the highest quality products to fine salons & spas, which in turn provide the highest quality services and products to its local dedicated customer, you. You can gain access to one of the cleanest professional results-focused hair care collections that improves hair quality and offers limitless styling options.